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A Spacious Spine in Back Arches

Backbends are an excellent counter movement to our often slouched positions in everyday life. Opening the anterior spine can alleviate back pain and create a healthier posture, which in turn will make us breath more relaxed and feel happier.

This workshop will focus on strengthening and lengthening. Strengthening the abdominal muscles to lead us safely into back arches by supporting the lower back. Lengthening the whole spine to allow a sense of flow in the body and breath. We will explore postures including Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel pose), Ustrasana (camel pose) or Paryankasana (serpent couch pose) and more. Taking in all the benefits of the postures, you will leave feeling alive, with a good sense of how to approach these poses in class and of course spacious in body, mind and breath.

All levels of student are welcome.